Episode 8: I’m In Love With The CoCo

Everyone has that one thing they’re addicted to or bad habits that we just can’t seem to break. For me it’s…co…co…yam. Some of you probably thought it was another coco! Do better y’all!!. People say ball is life but they’re all liars. YAM-is-life. Probably my Benue blood talking. 
On a serious note,  addiction is real and affects people everyday. Be it masturbation, pornography, drug addiction, food addiction or even anorexia. The truth is if you don’t know the truth about what YOU are capable of, you’ll always repeat your bad habit. 

That one (or 50) skeleton-s that we have in our closet and are ashamed to ask anyone for help about. Don’t be shy with God! He’s always there watching all or hank panky anyways, he’s just a genteelman and will never interrupt. Ultimately, God wants us to invite him into the dark areas in our life that quite contrastingly human beings would judge you for. This is why He gave each of us free will, so we can make the conscious decision to choose him. 

Anytime you’re doing that thing you know you really shouldn’t be doing or those words you know better than to say remember this scripture and say it until the urge to do it subsides? 

Don’t you know words are spirits!! They are so powerful and what you’re invoking in your spirit is the strength of Christ in you  to the evil of the world. Or don’t you remember Christ told us he overcame the world! Take heart 😊

You have to be intentional with your stopping a bad habit and although you can mircaculously stop it over night, if you don’t continue to invest in the Word of God it might likely creep back into your life. 

Faith comes by hearing the word of God. 

This ultimately means we need to constantly remind our mind of the word in order to maintain our freedom from our naughty behaviours.  

Just like I said in episode 4, although once we come to Christ our spirits are saved. Our souls (minds) need constant “saving” which basically just means reenforcement with scripture  with the word of God 

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