Episode 10: Say You Love Me, Zaddy!!!

I recently went for my cousins wedding in Nigeria (congrats again Emz ❤️) and the sermon that was given that day really hit home for me. I’m sure a lot of y’all will read this purely based on the title. I’ve caught you!!!!! 

What does it mean? It’s provocative! It gets the crowd going 😝😝

But his sermon carries on nicely with last episode’s topic of love. So I listened and did a tiny bit more research (because I didn’t record the sermon ☹️). 

So do we really know what it means to tell someone you love them? 

We’ve discussed in our previous episodes how God himself IS love but here there are 4 parts to satisfy what it is to truly love someone.

The Four Types of Love (in the Bible) – Greek Style 

1. Love is Agape. 

This is the highest form of love in the Bible because it requires us to be selfless, sacrificial and unconditional in the way we love one and other. The prime example of this would be Christ dying for all the sins of humanity for he that had no sin became an ” offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21).”  I already struggle to be accountable for all my wrongdoings talkless of trying to do that for others, so thank you Jesus!!! 

Having said that, it got me thinking that if we have Christ in us, in the context of loving a partner, we truly have to be merciful as no man is perfect only God. Love is truly about giving in love and not receiving in love and it a monumental foundation on which any relationship should be built. What this means ultimately is thinking of ways to show you partner you care through upliftment,gestures, prayers, love notes and even taking on certain tasks that will leave your other half less stressed. If both individuals can give this kind of love in practice (rather than thinking of ways to recieve more affection for onself) both parties would reap maximum benefits. 

The Cheerful Giver

” The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sowsbountifully[a] will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

What that truly means to me is that to be selfless eventually deals with your selfish needs because you will reap bountifully!!! Now who doesn’t want that??!

We all need to be more like Oprah to be honest. 

2. Love is Storge.

Although this word cannot physically be seen in the Bible it’s antonym “Astorgos”, the Greek word for heartless can be found. What it describes precisely is the concept of ‘family love’. Continuing with the idea of marriage there are three ways in which an individual of the opposite sexe can be related to either a husband or a wife. That is to say 

A man can only be related directly to a female if she is his :

  1. Mother
  2. Sister
  3. Daughter   

Similarly, a Woman can only be related directly to a male if he is her:

  1. Father 
  2. Brother
  3. Son 

    Now to actually satisfy the idea of giving family love within a marriage, look at your 3 “relatives” and understand love encourages a type of respect and nurturing that is exemplified in each kind of relationship above. 

    I’ll use myself as an example here :

    I, Belloz need to respect and seek comfort from my future husband like I do my father, communicate and confide in him like I would my brother and perhaps the most tricky protect uplift and nurture him like I would my son. 

    This really blew me away because it helped me to understand that every individual have their own level of vulnerabilities and strengths and beauty of unconditional love is striving to empower all those parts and making my future husband that much more secure and confident. So also, my future hubby needs to meet me at the point of my needs and insecurities etc. 

    so really this 21 centrury Zadddyyy craze is somewhat prophetic 😩😩😩.

     These were the type of revelations I was getting in church. Sighhh 

    Not only that it took me back to K-Ci and JoJo’s song “All my Life”. If you’ve never heard that song you should really block me now because it’s a weapon in itself ❤️ Anyways, the lyrics say 

    “Girl you are close to me you’re like my mother,Close to me you’re like my father, Close to me you’re like my sister,Close to me you’re like my brother”

    I remember listening to these lyrics and I really feel it’s deeper meaning flew over my head quite nicely for so many years but alas!!! We got there in the end. 

    The example the minister of God gave (his name has escaped me right now) was from Genesis when Eve was made. He went on to explain that in its raw translation Genesis 2:18 reads “Man alone is a disaster”. Don’t blame me I’m just the messenger 😝 

    Anyways what this then expanded to me was family love as God the father wanted to give Adam the helper in the form of eve. And family love in the context of Adam and Eve becoming one! So it made me understand my role as a woman is a bit more in accordance with that storge love but that doesn’t mean I would need heaps of it from my hubby too 😭. 

    Family has always been a crucial part of Christianity even looking at the 10 commandments  “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you” (Exodus 20:12).

    Being followers of Christ automatically makes us part  of the family of God and this is not due to our blood or DNA but due to the blood of Christ and his One Spirit that we all share. So Christianity also requires us to love each of brothers and sisters in Christ with the deep devotion of storge love. 

    Well you won’t have to wait two weeks for episode 10.5! It’ll be out on Friday the 22nd…but for now think of how you can better personify love. 

    Love (the agape-storge type) always 


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