Episode 20: The X Factor

“Have you got the X factor?”

 when people go on talent shows, they believe within themselves that they’ve got that “X factor”. They are willing to be judged for it and sometimes they have it and sometimes they dont…but the constant remains that they all go in believing its within them..why do they get it wrong? Just like these contestants we all know that Jesus died but do we truly know for what purpose? why is it that when it comes to Gods judgement on us, some people get it wrong?

lets stroll to the Old Testament shall we? as always I keep reminding you that Jesus was fully hiding in plain sight in the old Testament though his name was not directly mentioned. He was in a hoodie and shades but a bit like ‘Where is Wally?’ He was always there, you just have to keep looking till you find him. Jesus is ultimately how we are each judged. He is the X-factor, this is what people constantly get wrong.

so Gods chosen people are being used as slaves by the pharaoh of Egypt, but God has chosen Moses to take them to their promised land – their place of peace and freedom. The thing is pharaoh was a bit of an arse and Moses had to keep going back and forth with pharaoh to “let my people go (Exodus 9:1).” God is all knowing so he already knew all of this and the cost of convincing pharaoh to make this happen; but He wanted to use this opportunity to create signs and wonders that would prove that He was truly with Moses and His chosen people could witness it for themselves (Exodus 7:5). God always being intentional, actually hardened pharaohs heart just for this (Exodus 11:10).

so Father God unleashed it all for pharaoh and I mean ALL. we had a river full of blood, boils, locusts a hail storm that destroyed everything and even a full out blackout (Exodus Chp 7-10). Yup God even took away light (UP NEPA) The interesting

part of all these plagues is that nothing and no one within Gods chosen people the Israelites were harmed, they even had light when pharaoh and his people were living in darkness and could not even see each others faces (Exodus 11:23).

The final move came when God declared that every first born son on the Eygptian camp would die whereas not even a dog would bark at the Israelites nor any harm come to their livestock (Exodus 11:7).

God gave the Israelites specific instructions for each family to kill a male lamb without defect and sprinkle its blood over their door so that when Gods judgment was to loom over the Egyptians, they could be spared. They were also instructed to eat all the meat of the slain lamb. Those who plead with the blood of the lamb were spared. In that same way Jesus Christ the lamb of God, born without sin (no blemish) shed his blood on the cross (the X factor). So that we, his chosen people may mark ourselves with his blood and escape judgement. Without this X factor, we will not be spared from judgement and just like those talent shows, some people think they have it and others actually truly do. Just as the ate of the whole lamb in the Passover, so also we as children of God should continue to grow in truth and fullness of the knowledge of christ for just like this story:

” The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.” (Exodus 11:13)

so ask yourselves earnestly, do you have the X factor?

Love always,

Belloz xxx

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