Episode 23.5 Jailbird

I tend to write about Jesus as I experience Him in His fullness. I could just spew out stories on this blog but there’s something so life giving about explaining how your trials become testimonies. Testimonies lead to revival for others and then the circle starts all over again.


As much as I would love to spewww it all, there’s not enough time to explain what these last 4-5 weeks have been like for me. Needless to say, its been overwhelming! getting back to back bad news and realising when it rains it pourssss. And unfortunately, its been similar for a lot of people around me..This is why we have to keep the circle rolling..Surely, the season ends


From my previous times in wilderness I do know God uses your inability to handle all the pressures of the world to discipline you into knowing you can’t do it all yourself.


So this time I quickly knew I had to invite God into the situation. I knew that step but honestly I was dumbfounded what to do from there. How can I be still when there’s so much chaos around me. How do I keep going when I can’t see any improvement or sign of things getting better?

Although I struggled to understand how, I realised the secret to success – keep praying + keep praising. Your body will never agree with this decision but STAND FIRM in it. When we pray we often focus our big problems but praise recenters our minds on what is true pure and holy – a much bigger and much more attractive God. It sounds silly to praise God for something you’re yet to see come to pass but being in Christ Jesus we have the gift of foresight. – those of us in christ have victory in christ Jesus if this is surely the case.



having the gift means we know God has already done what his word says (God never specifically promise you a Bugatti in scripture so make your trusting Him align with scripture).

The truth is, I would love to sell you how amazing the Christian life is.. but the only indescribably amazing thing in it is… CHRIST. the way, the truth, the life. when they said weapons would be fashioned I didn’t really prepare myself for war.

satan really does have them fiery arrows and if you don’t stand firm and praise God and pray in alignment with your praise , You’ll forget that God stands in between you and any opposition or advisory

But this is what the LORD says: “Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save. (Isaiah 49:25)



we just have to remember through it all these facts never changes – you protect your sanity. We were actually created to worship God just because he is who he is and he will always be who he’s always been. nothing more; nothing less.

and with that in mind we’ll dive into scripture in my next post to dissect what to do when life gives you half eaten, half rotten and dry seedy lemons.

Till then remember. God is good. God is light. God is love. God is so faithful and he never ever fails. NEVER.

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