Episode 22: Walk It Like I Talk It

I’m learning what it means to be intentional about my faith. oh boyyy, can I tell you about the Jesus that loves and heals and delivers..but how often do I let him exercise that Glory through me? After all I am a saint (to all who are beloved of God in Rome, called as saints: […]

Episode 21: Girl Gone Wild…

Hi. So..I’m back. It’s been a very eventful few months away and needless to say..I needed to build myself up again so I can do only what God has called me to do. Accepting Grace truly means accepting correction. It’s easy to forget no matter how far into your Christian journey you are..you will never […]

Episode 14: Forever Young

Sometimes I feel immense pressure to make sure that I get the message of Grace across in the way that truly captures its beauty and the peace of mind it brings. It can get overwhelming to say the least.. I earnestly asked God why He would chose lil old me and the Holy Spirit was […]

EPISODE 0.5 :TAG!!! You’re It.

So….basically myself and procrastination have been playing “Tag, you’re it” for almost 2 and a half years now to start this blog. A quick shout out to all of my support system for always encouraging me, you know yourselves ❤❤ . I was waiting for the perfect time to start. A time when I was […]