She was young, She was naughty.. but She always knew God was with her

She grew and shied away because She could do no right by herself

She was whole and yet strangely empty. She found Him at 18 

She was full.

He made camp in her being and She would never be alone again

She embraced his love but she stumbled and staggered to be of the world

She swam in the sea of satiety but struggled to find water to drink

He let her find her own path. He let her be her 

So she fell. she hurt. she broke.

She questioned , she exclaimed, she exhaled 

She finally found the water to douse the flames that caught alight on her person 

Come, everyone who thirst, to the waters. Come he who has no money, buy, and eat. 

Yes, come, buy wine and milk –

Without money and without price.                                                           (Isaiah 55:1)

She is half lamb, half lion
She is oily water 

She is fruitful. She is fire. She is free. 

She who will kneel down and quench the warmth of those that thirst. 

She who reigns supreme for He is the King of Kings 


To Abba Father,

Forever your queen